WELCOME to the Greater Hartford Chapter of the American Guild of Organists website!  The stpetersnewbritaincaseAGO is a national organization that seeks to promote the pipe organ and its music, so if you love the sound of the organ then the AGO is for you. The Greater Hartford Chapter is quite active and made up of a very welcoming group of musicians. We present workshops and concerts, offer educational opportunities for young musicians and host social events so that we can share ideas with our colleagues. Check our “Chapter Events” calendar for upcoming programs in the Hartford area. The “Regional Calendar” features events presented by our members and by members of nearby chapters of the AGO. While you’re here, check out our forum where any topic related to the organ can be discussed, or browse the “Organs of Hartford.” We hope you’ll be sufficiently impressed to join our chapter, in which case you may find all the information you need under the “Join us” menu!


 Plan to attend the 2015 Convention in New Haven -

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    Jolidon Committee Again Reviews Grant Proposals




The Jolidon Committee is again accepting grant proposals.  The deadline is March 31, 2015 and submissions will be reviewed in April.

Decisions will be announced May 1, 2015.



For details, application or to learn more about Marjorie Jolidon, visit the Marjorie Jolidon page.   Check often for progress and updates on how this fund is able to promote our profession.

Jolidon Subcommittee members are Jim Gower (chair), Jason Charneski, Deb Gemma, Sue Hertel, Joan Pritchard, Christa Rakich and Nancy Robbins, with John Coghill as Board liaison.


48fc88683ad8994eae14902120087082 With the renewal season just around the corner -

we would like to call your attention to some important changes in the renewal procedure. The Greater Hartford Chapter is joining the 240+ chapters who participate in the ONCARD program. For those who like to know these things, ONCARD stands for Online National Collection and Remittal of Dues. In the past, dues were paid to the chapter and the chapter then sent a portion of those dues to national AGO headquarters. With ONCARD, the national office will be invoicing and collecting dues from all members and returning the chapter portion of the dues to us.

To renew, you will not send a check to John Coghill as in previously years. You will receive an email invoice from National AGO headquarters.  The email will contain a link to ONCARD, where you may login and securely renew online with a credit card, or if you prefer you may renew by sending a check to the National AGO. Members without an email address in the system will be mailed a paper invoice. If you pay by check, remember to print out and include your invoice with your check when you mail it in. Dues for 2015-2016 have been raised by $3 in all categories of membership. You will see this increase reflected in your dues when you receive your invoice. Invoicing will begin this month (April).

If AGO dues are paid by your church, print out the invoice and take it to whoever is in charge of payment. Ask him/her to include the printed copy of the invoice when the check is mailed, so that your account will be properly credited.

You may have heard of the recent decision by the AGO National Council to implement ‘rolling dues’, which means that whenever during the year a person joins the AGO, their membership will run a full 12 months from their join date. This is not something you need to be concerned about in renewing. Even if you renew early, today, your membership will run a full year from your membership anniversary date, which is July 1, 2015. So there is no reason to delay.

We hope this will be a smooth and painless transition. But if you should have trouble with any part of this process, please contact one of the ONCARD Chapter Administrators, listed below, for assistance.

Mark Child 860-688-7032

Kari Miller Magg 860-379-5612

John Coghill 860-285-8208