WELCOME to the Greater Hartford Chapter of the American Guild of Organists website!  The stpetersnewbritaincaseAGO is a national organization that seeks to promote the pipe organ and its music, so if you love the sound of the organ then the AGO is for you. The Greater Hartford Chapter is quite active and made up of a very welcoming group of musicians. We present workshops and concerts, offer educational opportunities for young musicians and host social events so that we can share ideas with our colleagues. Check our “Chapter Events” calendar for upcoming programs in the Hartford area. The “Regional Calendar” features events presented by our members and by members of nearby chapters of the AGO. While you’re here, check out our forum where any topic related to the organ can be discussed, or browse the “Organs of Hartford.” We hope you’ll be sufficiently impressed to join our chapter, in which case you may find all the information you need under the “Join us” menu!


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    Brainstorm with Us -The Jolidon Fund Can Help You


The Jolidon Fund Committee has received some very intriguing ideas for projects that the chapter can undertake using the Jolidon funds.  But we still need to hear from most of you.  No idea is too small or too wacky to consider.  This gift from Marjorie Jolidon is an opportunity for our chapter to do amazing things.

The Jolidon Fund Committee is open to any kind of requests from you, our chapter members, that will help support your careers as organists, especially if lack of money is a stumbling block. Perhaps you play for a small worshiping community that can’t give you enough money for a continuing education conference that you’d love to attend. If they can pitch in a little, and you can pitch in a little, then we might pitch in a little, too. Maybe you want to do a special choral piece with your choir but your music budget can’t handle the entire cost of sheet music. Let us know. Perhaps you’ve never had an instrumentalist come and play in church because money was tight. Maybe you are a pianist hired to play for a church and a “starter pack” of organ lessons would help get you going. Or you know of a young piano student that might take to the organ with a few lessons. Or $50 would get you that book of jazz arrangements for organ if only you had the money. Let us know. No matter how small or personal, if you have a need for yourself or your worship community that could use that extra few dollars to make the experience better, contact us.

Submit ideas and requests on the Grant Application 2015. The deadline for the first round of applications is Sept. 30. We look forward to working with you.
To learn more about Marjorie Jolidon, visit the Marjorie Jolidon page.   Check often for progress and updates on how this fund is able to promote our profession.

Jolidon Subcommittee members are Jim Gower (chair), Jason Charneski, Deb Gemma, Sue Hertel, Joan Pritchard, Christa Rakich and Nancy Robbins, with John Coghill as Board liaison.