WELCOME to the Greater Hartford Chapter of the American Guild of Organists website!  The stpetersnewbritaincaseAGO is a national organization that seeks to promote the pipe organ and its music, so if you love the sound of the organ then the AGO is for you. The Greater Hartford Chapter is quite active and made up of a very welcoming group of musicians. We present workshops and concerts, offer educational opportunities for young musicians and host social events so that we can share ideas with our colleagues. Check our “Chapter Events” calendar for upcoming programs in the Hartford area. The “Regional Calendar” features events presented by our members and by members of nearby chapters of the AGO. While you’re here, check out our forum where any topic related to the organ can be discussed, or browse the “Organs of Hartford.” We hope you’ll be sufficiently impressed to join our chapter, in which case you may find all the information you need under the “Join us” menu!


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    The Jolidon Fund:  Where We Are Now


Everyone knows by now of the marvelous bequest that was made to our chapter by Marge Jolidon. The announcement at last year’s Annual Meeting stunned the assembled crowd.

There were absolutely no stipulations in the will for how the money was to be used. No strings are attached. Clearly, we want to use it in a way that honors her memory.Earlier this year, the “The Jolidon Fund Subcommittee” was formed. It is a subcommittee of the GHC-AGO Board of Directors. The terms of reference state that the subcommittee shall “solicit and consider all ideas and proposals that advance the mission of the AGO in the Connecticut area.”With that goal in mind, one of the first tasks of the subcommittee will be to “create a written proposal procedure that fairly considers short term, long term and recurring ideas, projects and plans.”Without presuming to speak for the subcommittee, we are confident that there will be nothing unusual or difficult about this procedure.

We know that you have been thinking, wishing, dreaming. At least we hope you have, for the time is coming, in the not-too-distant future, when you may advance your ideas to the Jolidon Fund Subcommit- tee for review and consideration. They will then make recommendations to the GHC-AGO Board. Remember, there will be a place for many types of ideas/proposals: Do you want to see Cameron Carpenter come to Hartford? Would you like to host a POE? Would you like to buy organ shoes for needy students? Or maybe the chapter could subsidize a tour of great European organs! A few free lessons for new chapter members? Perhaps a scholarship bearing Marge Jolidon’s name? Or an educational program bringing the organ right into the schools? A weeklong festival of recitals by the world’s greatest? A public organbuilding project? A silent movie competition? The list could go on and on. What do you think will unite and excite us as a chapter and get our collective juices flowing?

Jolidon Subcommittee members are Jim Gower (chair), Jason Charneski, Deb Gemma, Sue Hertel, Joan Pritchard, Christa Rakich and Nancy Robbins, with John Coghill as Board liaison.


A Letter of Commendation to Richard M. Coffey

Image 2On Monday, May 19th, 2014, The Greater Hartford Chapter of the American Guild of Organists voted to commend its longtime chapter member, Richard Coffey, for his unique and stellar achievement as founder and, for 40 years, the artis- tic director of Connecticut Choral Artists, known as CONCORA. CONCORA has developed into a nationally recognized professional choral ensemble under Rick’s direction and has regularly garnered much acclaim in the Greater Hartford area and Connecticut for its rendering of sacred and secular choral music. Rick’s accomplishment is of significance to the Greater Hartford Chapter in several ways.  Click here, to read the full letter and Rick’s response.