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March 2016 Deanery

The Deanery

by Kari Miller Magg

Crossword, sudoku, jigsaw, jumble, cryptograph, word search, Bach, Messiaen – take your pick!  Who can resist a good puzzle? Most of us find puzzle solving “fun,” unlike day-to-day problem solving, which seems like just so much hard work. It has been suggested that part of the appeal...Read More »

Pedals, Pipes and Pizza: A Review

By Peter Niedmann

Seventeen young pianists were introduced to the organ in a fun and fascinating program presented by the Greater Hartford Chapter on February 17th. “Pedals, Pipes and Pizza” began with a wonderful tour of the Austin Organs factory on Woodland Street, Hartford. Our genial guide, Curt Hawkes,...Read More »

Opportunity for Organ Student

The Nahant Music Festival, which takes place June 3- 13, 2014 in Nahant, Massachusetts, is offering an organ apprenticeship as part of the festival. The apprenticeship comes with a stipend and will include:

• A full solo organ recital at the Village Church, Nahant (Hook & Hastings II/15...Read More »

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