South Congregational Hartford

South Congregational Church
“South Church”

Hartford, Connecticut
Aeolian-Skinner Organ Company, Opus 1181 (1949)
1995 restoration by A. Thompson-Allen Company


17-year old organist Felix Hell at the console before his second recital at South Church in February OF 2003.

In 1960, the organ gallery was enlarged significantly and the pipe facade rearranged.  The console was sent back to Boston for modification, including the addition of toe pistons and several blank draw knobs, though no tonal additions or modifications were made. In 1995, Cary Mead’s daughter, Mary M. James, spearheaded the campaign to restore the organ to its original condition. The restoration was carried out by the Thompson-Allen company. Today, the organ sounds and performs as it did in 1949 when the organ-builders packed their tools and headed back to Boston. 

In recent years, the organ has been featured in an annual Mary M. James recital.  Artists have included Dorothy Papadakos, Felix Hell, Paul Halley, and in 2004, Cameron Carpenter.


16′ Lieblich Gedeckt 8′ Viola
8′ Principal 8′ Cor de Nuit
8′ Spitzflöte 8′ Dulciana
8′ Bourdon 8′ Unda Maris
4′ Octave 4′ Nachthorn
2-2/3′ Twelfth 2-2/3′ Nasard
2′ Super Octave 2′ Blockflöte
8′ Cromorne
SWELL Tremulant
8′ Geigen
8′ Stopped Diapason PEDAL
8′ Viole de Gambe 16′ Contre Basse
8′ Viole Celeste 16′ Bourdon
4′ Flute Octaviante 16′ Lieblich Gedeckt (Gt)
Plein Jeu III 8′ Octave
16′ Clarinet 8′ Gedeckt (Gt)
8′ Trumpet 4′ Choral Bass
8′ Vox Humana
4′ Clarion