May Deanery and Annual Meeting

Dear Colleagues,

The month of May was always filled with activity. Schools put on plays, concerts, appreciation dinners and award ceremonies. Musical groups hosted  end-of-the-year concerts and social gatherings. It all added to our busyness, especially for those who work with children or college students. I often heard others describe their lives as “crazy” or “so busy” around this time of the year.

But COVID-19 has forced us to press pause. We will be given the opportunity to look back on this time and determine which aspects of our formerly busy lives truly gave us joy.

There are two things I miss the most, and I really really miss them: directing my choir on Sunday mornings and attending organ recitals. These past few weeks have renewed my appreciation for making live music with others, because attempting to do so through a computer is nearly impossible and feels dehumanizing. And before we lost the privilege of gathering for live music, YouTube and Vimeo were simply used as conduits for sharing repertoire ideas, promoting ourselves, or retroactively attending famous performances. How cool is it that I can watch Evgeny Kissin’s debut at Royal Albert Hall in the comfort of my kitchen? But now computers are our only connection to live performance.

When all of this is over, I believe that live performances of classical music will experience a renaissance of audience interest and enthusiasm. It may not be apparent to us at first if social distancing rules limit attendance, but once we have knocked this virus out of our lives, I think we’ll see a big boost in public support and concert presence. So, take heart that the future will be bright. People will figure out what matters most in their lives, and our centuries old musical tradition will stand out like never before.

Be well and have a wonderful summer!


GHC-AGO will accept applications for one-time $500 grants on a rolling basis until the funding runs out. To apply for this grant, please read the following instructions:

Eligibility: Current chapter members who have been furloughed or laid off from any of the following: a salaried organist position, a regular per diem organist position, or freelance organist work, the sum of which is an important component of personal income.

To apply, please email Vaughn Mauren, Dean, at , and include your answers to the questions below. All applications and inquiries are confidential.

Name of applicant:
Name and address of furloughing or terminating institution(s):
Position at institution(s):
Date(s) laid off/furloughed:
Date expected to return to work (if known and applicable):
Is this lost income considered significant income for you?
Additional information or comments you would like to share:

Your chapter will continue to update you on any changes to scheduled events and programming.

Be well and stay safe!