December Deanery


By Vaughn Mauren

As we approach Christmas I cannot help but reflect on the many musical gifts found within Greater Hartford. With so many talented musicians in this region, we are lucky that our chapter community has come to be defined by sharing resources, fostering teamwork, and collegiality.

As your chapter board met this fall, we took inventory of what we offer Greater Hartford, and we asked ourselves how we can better reach out to non-members and grow our audience. The first step was taken last year when we hired Sarah Johnston to serve as our marketing consultant and publicist. She has done an extraordinary job of expanding our chapter presence and she has linked us to several area arts organizations. As a byproduct of modern connectivity, building an ecosystem of shared resources and publicity is easier than ever before, and we are taking advantage of this.

As a second step, our chapter board recently voted to hire Ouliana Ermolova – an extraordinarily talented graphic designer based out of Detroit – to build a completely new website, graphic identity and logo suite for our chapter. Her goal, as directed by the chapter board and website committee, is to communicate a highly professional image within our community and create a user-friendly and modern website providing up-to-date information about concerts, events, resources and membership to new audiences and potential members. By the end of this project, we fully expect to have the best chapter website!

The project is expected to wrap up by late Spring with a website launch around the time of our annual meeting river cruise. Until then, have a wonderful Christmas, Hannukah, and New Year!