June Deanery


By Peter Niedmann

Well, here we are—the end of church choir season (for many of us). The congregations dwindle, many choirs go silent, and for some fortunate folks—the air-conditioning kicks in! I always enjoy this time of year. We can look back, hopefully with satisfaction, at a job well done. And we can look forward to a couple months of a slower pace, more free time, and the chance to relax and recharge.This month has an extra layer of change in it for me. On June 30, my time serving on the AGO Greater Hartford Chapter board ends—member-at-large for 2 years, Sub-Dean for 2 years, and Dean for 2 years.  It has been a very satisfying experience. The people I served with are smart, creative, passionate, funny, kind, and completely committed to organ and church music. I will miss our monthly meetings, when in addition to the work of the chapter, we had the chance to chat, laugh, and share stories about our various work situations. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to help celebrate and promote the organ in the region.

Thank you to every person on the board and beyond who gave of themselves to further our mission. We are all part of a very special AGO chapter, and should be so grateful for this.

Our new Dean, Vaughn Mauren, and board members, will work hard to present inspiring and creative events for the membership and general public. I look forward to next season—amazing concerts, workshops, a Pipe Organ Encounter for young organists from around the country, and even a river cruise.

Best wishes to you for a wonderful summer!