2018 Annual Chapter Dinner and Meeting

2018 Annual Chapter Dinner and Meeting

By Meg Smith

The Greater Hartford Chapter of the AGO met at the Pond House Café at Elizabeth Park on Tuesday, May 22nd, for its annual dinner and meeting. A bar offered drinks starting at 6:30. The food was delicious. (This reviewer heard an observation that no dish was entirely vegetarian; a consideration for another time.)

Once the meeting portion started, Dean Peter Niedmann kept the agenda moving. His own remarks involved honoring various members’ contributions. Mark Child is stepping down as Registrar, and Joan Pritchard is retiring after multiple years as Ed Clark’s helpmate on our Newsletter. The new slate of officers was approved: Dean: Peter Niedmann; Sub-Dean: Vaughn Mauren; Treasurer: John Coghill; Secretary: Noah Smith; Registrar: John Parsons. Members-at-Large: Alan MacMillan (ending 2019) Susan Carroll (ending 2020), and Scott Lamlein (ending 2021). Ed Clark continues as Newsletter editor; Ally Barone serves as our webmaster, and Kari Miller Magg keeps the job postings current. I believe Ms. Barone also maintains our substitute list.

Last year’s annual meeting minutes were presented by secretary Noah Smith and approved without changes.

John Coghill’s report as Treasurer reminded us of the Jolidon Fund bequest and the many projects and contributions we have been able to undertake through that gift. His proposed budget was accepted and passed. He will step down at the end of 2019, so we will need to find a member willing to volunteer as Treasurer starting next year. Fortunately, the Chapter’s CPA, Anne Harney, has been knowledgeable and enormously helpful in keeping track of Chapter income and expenses. Also present at the dinner were David and Adam Mangs, who manage our investment of the Jolidon fund principal and can advise how much of the interest can be offered in grants. David Mangs reassured us later in the meeting of how the oversight of the Jolidon fund is being managed, and its potential for growth. We have Natasha Ulyanovsky to thank for discovering the Mangs.

The program for 2018-2019 was presented by Vaughn Mauren, whose invitation to next season’s events was interesting and inspiring. That program also appeared on the back cover of a directory listing for our chapter that is offered in print (with a list of our Officers inside the front cover and our Deans inside the back cover). General approval suggests to me that I am not the only one glad to have a “hard copy” of this information. Peter also made sure to invite anyone who has trouble opening our Newsletter from our web-site to ask him or another member of the Executive Committee for assistance; we want every member to be able to access news and upcoming events announcements.

Cheryl Duerr, our regional representative from AGO national, spoke to larger AGO events such as this year’s annual convention in Kansas City, next year’s regional convention in Buffalo, and upcoming POEs, including one at Cape Cod. (Christopher Houlihan alerted us that one of our POE students from 2017’s program has enrolled at Trinity with an interest in the music program there!) Ms. Duerr praised our Chapter for our liveliness, the activity we maintain, and our willingness to support and share with Chapters throughout our area.

Peter led us in applause thanking the staff of the Pond House Café, and the meeting concluded shortly before 9:00.

Not only did this dinner and meeting offer us significant information on the good health of our Chapter and our plans for the upcoming year, there were great opportunities for connecting with friends and colleagues. Consider coming next year (Tuesday, May 21, 2019)!