April Deanery


By Peter Niedmann

Remember how we used to buy sheet music?

Drive to a music store that stocked church music (if there even was one). Stand at the bins, flipping through anthems and organ music. If you were lucky, there was a piano in the store so you could try things out. Then, if you found something interesting, you brought it to the counter and placed your order with the clerk. Then you left and waited. Weeks later, you’d get a phone call alerting you that your music had arrived at the store. You’d go pick it up and return to church–finally ready to start work on the music.

Today, you click on an internet distributor to browse and listen to audio samples. You search by keyword, season, composer, voicing, etc. When you find something worthy, you click “place order.” Your music arrives a couple days later at the church.

What a difference!

And, there is another way. If the music is in the public domain, you search imslp.org or cpdl.org. When you find something you like, download it–at no cost–and it’s in now in your hands.

Edward Guo, the founder and creator of IMSLP will be the speaker at our April 28thchapter event. Mr. Guo will give a presentation on IMSLP and other online music resources as well as the legalities of copyright, out-of-print, public domain, and any other questions you may have.

This is a special opportunity to learn from a highly qualified person how this new world of digital music works. I hope to see you there! Click here to find out more!