Jolidon Fund Grant Applications Due March 1

Jolidon Fund Grant Applications Due March 1

The purpose of the The Marjorie Jolidon Fund is to bring new audiences to the pipe organ, and to deepen appreciation of the instrument in the general public. Grant requests are encouraged for organ projects, especially those for organ-oriented public outreach, and new projects. Preference goes to projects that:

  • demonstrate innovation.
  • enable events that would otherwise not take place.
  • initiate projects where there is currently little awareness of the musical potential of the organ.
  • are hosted by smaller- to mid-size organizations that may not have other project resources.
  • have not been funded in past years.

The Fund does not award grants to choral or orchestral projects unless the organ plays a premier role in such a project. The total amount available for grants varies from year to year (as determined by the GHC-AGO Executive Board), and grants to a project are not intended to be continued on an annual basis.

Grants are primarily given to Connecticut projects, with occasional consideration expanded to AGO Region I. A current AGO member must sponsor or co-sponsor the grant proposal. Current Committee members are not eligible to act as a sponsor or co-sponsor.

Grant proposals are submitted to the The Marjorie Jolidon Fund Committee which reviews applications and makes recommendations to the GHC- AGO Executive Committee for final approval.


  • Grant applications due March 1 for projects scheduled within September 1 of that year to August 31 of the following year.
  • Awards are announced by April 1.

Additional information and application forms can be found on the chapter’s website.