News Flash! Chattervox Goes Digital!

In consultation with the editors of Chattervox, the chapter board has decided that our chapter newsletter will go all digital as soon as possible and will be emailed to all chapter members. This is probably the last issue to be printed on paper and sent by postal mail. The new version will have an appealing graphic layout and will include links to make it easy to find local calendar events, inserts, sign-up forms and extended stories. Those of you who already receive Chattervox by email will be reading this in the new format. Let us know what you think!

There will be some major changes to the newsletter while other items will remain the same. Here is what will change:

Local calendar events – those of you who submit information to us about your concerts and other events for listing in the calendar section will no longer be doing that. Instead, you will have access to an online form that you will use to write up your event yourself. Your information will appear in a nicely formatted calendar that will be linked to the e-newsletter and will also be prominently displayed on the chapter website. As part of your listing, you can include a photo as well as links to your website and links to any flyers that you may have posted online. Readers will click a link in the e-newsletter to the online calendar and will see all the information you choose to post. The link to the online submission form will be included in every issue and will be available on the website.

Flyers and Inserts – we will no longer accept paper flyers since there will no longer be a mailed version of the newsletter. The online calendar listing service is free.

Name – The wonderful name of our newsletter for many decades – Chattervox – will be retired with the print version. We will simply refer to the newsletter.

In the new e-newsletter, you will still find the Deanery, Toolbox by Mike Foley, job listings, news about chapter events and members, and lots of photographs. One advantage of catching up with the digital age is easy readability on cellphones. For those who absolutely depend on postal mail, a paper copy will be sent. Hopefully, this new format will appeal to everyone. Your editors welcome your comments and suggestions at .