GHC-AGO: Many Parts Make for One Dynamic Organization

A Review of the GHC-AGO Annual Meeting, Monday, May 19, 2014

-by Amy Vinisko

Part Old Friends and Colleagues – Part Networking and New Acquaintances

Just as the GHC-AGO is comprised of many mem- bers, with differing interests and areas of expertise,
our annual gathering consists of a healthy blend of long time members and new acquaintances. We are united in our mission of promoting great organ music and camaraderie with our fellow devotees. Conversa- tions of the evening centered around possibilities and responsibilities of our various individual contributions to the mission, relaxed banter between old colleagues and new connections between those being intro- duced for the first time through the network that is the GHC-AGO.

Part Social Reunion – Part Business Agenda

Gathering for the social hour, congenial conversation, sung grace and breaking bread all set the stage for the business of the evening.

Part Familiar – Part Future and Change

Our recent turnover in the Deanery was a shock
to many (Jason Roberts has taken a position at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church in New York City), but Kari Miller Magg has competently executed the transition. She ran the meeting with grace and order and during her initial Dean’s Remarks, announced her intent to complete her full term as Dean (to rousing member applause!).

Part Service – Part Support

The GHC-AGO Chapter is running strong. The Slate
of Officers for 2014-2015 was unanimously approved by all: Kari Miller Magg, Dean; Peter Niedmann, Sub- Dean; John Coghill, Treasurer; Amy Vinisko, Secretary; Mark Child, Registrar; Members-at Large: Jerry David- son (2015), Ronald Coons (2016) and Mary DeLibero (2017).

Dean Kari Miller Magg proceeded to thank several members for their various contributions to the orga- nization. Sub-Dean Peter Niedmann announced the

2014-2015 Program Roster which includes a blend
of workshops, concerts and events sure to appeal to nearly all. Treasurer John Coghill gave the Treasurer’s Report, which was approved. He commented on the recently formed Jolidon Committee which, in col- laboration with the Board, is responsible for all matters concerning the generous Jolidon Bequest. Chapter member, Anne Harney, has taken on bookkeeping responsibilities to monitor this asset.

Region I Councillor, Cheryl Duerr spoke enthusiastically of our Chapter’s position to truly move the mission of the AGO forward, whether it be through Chapter initi- ated programs or through underwriting events spon- sored by our nearby Region I colleagues.

Joan Pritchard contributed a piece of new business. She presented “A Letter of Commendation” for Rich- ard Coffey, retiring Artistic Director of CONCORA. The crowd eagerly approved the glowing letter written by Pritchard that will be sent on the GHC-AGO’s behalf in appreciation for his long lasting contributions to Greater Hartford Area.

Part Beautiful Location, Good Drink and Food and well, it really was a beautiful setting at The Mill on the River in South Windsor and my food (and drink!), at least, was quite good. Here’s to another successful Annual Meeting! A big thank you to all who made it possible and memorable.