Preparing Inserts the Chattervox Way

Revised for your edification!

(originally printed in the Chattervox, October 2013)

by Meg Smith

Please (clip and) save these directions and please share this or a copy with your publicity folks.


For the e-mail recipients: Your flyer, in pdf format, needs to be e-mailed by the 20th to Ed Clark (Ed-

For the surface mail recipients:

80 paper copies, pre-folded to fit a business-sized en- velope. Send or bring to Meg Smith at 70 Allen Place, Apartment C-7, Hartford (06106). They should arrive by the 20th of the preceding month.

Unfolded inserts or those not accompanied by a pay- ment cannot be processed.

Please mark envelopes and/or boxes left at Meg’s building clearly with her name, and make sure they are sealed shut for maximum security and privacy.

A check for $20.00, made payable to the Greater Hartford Chapter AGO, should either be enclosed with your inserts or mailed directly to John Coghill, 5 River Town Road, Windsor. If you are distributing only e-file, please make your check out for $10.00.

Suggested: You may want to consider a Z-fold. This means that at least one printed side will show when folks go through the envelope. Color on the document or for the paper may get it more notice, but consider the possibility that lighter shaded backgrounds may be easier for people with failing vision to read, once posted.

Finally – please consult our chapter Website (www. for these directions throughout the year. You can also contact our Registrar, Mark Child, directly for a set of labels for doing your own mailing:

Thank you!