Pedals, Pipes and Pizza: A Review

By Peter Niedmann

Seventeen young pianists were introduced to the organ in a fun and fascinating program presented by the Greater Hartford Chapter on February 17th. “Pedals, Pipes and Pizza” began with a wonderful tour of the Austin Organs factory on Woodland Street, Hartford. Our genial guide, Curt Hawkes, took the attentive kids through every nook and cranny of the venerable shop. They saw Ray Albright installing drawknobs on a massive console being built for a church in Pennsylvania, Dan Kingman voicing flue pipes, and Bruce Coderre working in his sprawling wood shop.

35be2bf99ed010b10d88500578d03106Then the group headed to St. James’s Episcopal Church, West Hartford for lunch. After lunch, the kids were divided into groups led by Jason Rob- erts, Kari Magg, Natasha Ulyanovsky, and Peter Niedmann. They spent time playing the organ (an Austin!) and at a piano preparing for the final mini-concert which concluded the day. Jason Roberts played a parting encore for the amazed group.

Many thanks to Austin Organs, St. James’s Episcopal Church, Jason Roberts,
Kari Magg, Natasha Ulyanovsky,
Peter Niedmann, John and Joanne Coghill for their work presenting this wonderful event.

If you have piano students or know piano teachers, help promote this event the next time it’s offered. You may be creating a future organist!