Thoughts on Marjorie Joliden

Thoughts on Marjorie Jolidon by Kari Miller Magg, Sub-Dean

As a relative newcomer to the Hartford musical scene, I never had the pleasure of knowing Marjorie Jolidon.  She was a Hartford native and lived most of her life here.  She was an educated and involved musician who touched the lives of many.  She was a music teacher, inspiring high school students in Suffield and in Bloomfield, where she taught for 30 years.  She was organist at Church of the Good Shepherd, Blue Hills Baptist, Asylum Avenue Baptist and Memorial Baptist and substitute organist at the Broadview Community Church in Hartford.  She was a member of our chapter of the AGO and past president of the Hartford Musical Club.

home-2I wish I had known her, if only so that I could have a picture of her in my mind as I say to her, Thank-you, Marjorie, thank-you!  For, in case you have not yet heard, Marjorie Jolidon died peacefully last August at the age of 94 and in her will was a bequest to the Greater Hartford Chapter of the AGO for $400,000. Unimaginable, out-of-the-blue, life-changing and totally wonderful!

In the months and years ahead, our chapter will grapple with the lovely ‘problem’ of how to use her gift in a way that honors her life and love of music, her generosity and grace.  I know that I will have many more occasions to stop, shake my head in amazement and say, Thank-you, Marjorie, Thank-you!