Pipescreams Needs Yoooooooo!


Pipescreams isn’t scary without organists!

Friday, October 25, 2013 at 7:00 pm at Church of Christ, Congregational, 1075 Main St., Newington.

Have you run into any of the following confusions among your own congregations? “Organs” belong
in funeral and wedding chapels where the music is ignore-able and to be treated as is done in daytime TV drama! Organs are half-alive terrors, living in basements and puffing smoke out of their pipes, playing haunting music and connected with “Phantom of the Opera!” Organs are outdated now in history, and it’s okay for a minister to assign Bart Simpson and his friend Milhouse to take wire brushes to the pipes as punishment for bad behavior. I have been told, “Our church has two organs – a pipe one, and a real one.”

I have met choir members who didn’t notice that the pedal board is different from a piano’s, and others don’t recognize the significance of stops. Colleagues! There is room for us to educate our friends and neighbors!

Pipescreams is a great opportunity to do just that. Building on the drama and attraction of the organ’s stereotype for spookiness, PipeScreams invites us to draw in the public and expand their sense of what a real organ can be and offer – “living and breathing” under our fingers, showing off music the audience came for, played in ways beyond the audience’s expecta- tions, live, and with more than the audience bargained for – in the best sense of that.

AGO pic 5This year, Pipescreams will be offered at the Church of Christ, Congregational UCC in Newington (1075 Main Street, Newington) on Friday, October 25, at 7:00 p.m. It has been three or four years since Pipescreams last moved in location. Each church and host musician has particular gifts to offer, but some things won’t change: come in costume, boo & hiss, and look for refreshments after!

If you are interested in playing, and for answers to most of your other questions, contact Meg Smith (mcapsmith@gmail.com). Come. Join the fun and “blow” our minds!