Deanery – September 2013

September Deanery 2013

by Jason Roberts

What a summer it has been for our chapter! Hosting a Regional Convention is a huge undertaking, and we’re so lucky to have dedicated volunteers who are not only reliable but can do their jobs very well. We were warned when planning for the convention began that the AGO had declined in membership significantly since Hartford last hosted a convention.  We were told not to expect the same attendance and it is true that attendance was a little lower this time, but with a total of 253 registrations I think we did very well.  The concerts and workshops were excellent, and it seems that unpleasant experiences with buses and hotels were at a minimum.  Our chapter members really did an enormous amount of work to make this possible: so a big “Thank you!” to all of you.

The DeaneryMany of you may have missed the launch of our new website in all the excitement of the convention:  Kari Magg and Amy Vinisko worked very hard to have the site ready for the week of the convention.  Why? Well, now there is a place to post pictures from the convention: forward any good pictures you might have to me for posting in the photo gallery (

There’s also a forum for discussion – was there a recital you loved or didn’t love?  We’d love to get your opinion!  Be the first to chime in on convention-related topics. One very useful feature is the regional con- cert calendar; concerts from all over our area are listed on the home page on the righthand side.  AGO members in Worcester and other nearby chapters are trained to post their concerts on this calendar, so at the moment it’s a little heavy with Massachusetts events. Our job is to fix the imbalance: post your events on this calendar. It’s free advertising and your colleagues really do want to know what’s going on in the Hartford area.  If you’re really lucky, some of them might even attend some concerts!

It’s an exciting time for our chapter don’t retreat into your organ loft just because the convention is over. Take a look at our website.  Consider coming to some chapter events.  Invite your friends to join the chapter.  Post a concert on the calendar!