Be Our Guest! Anthem Reading Session

Be Our Guest!  Anthem Reading Session

AGO pic 1Our Chapter will kick off the 2013-2014 season on Saturday, September 21st with an Anthem Reading Session from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 2080 Boulevard, West Hartford. We are encouraging you to bring yourself, bring an anthem, and most importantly, bring a guest who is not a chapter member.  A lovely lunch of sandwich platters, salads, sides, and cookies will be provided at no cost…something you can be proud to offer to a guest.  (Vegetarian options will be included.)  The program will provide plenty of time for singing and socializing.

The anthem reading session will emphasize works for the smaller choir. Pick an anthem that has worked well for you and bring copies to share. Participants will serve as the choir, sight-reading each piece. An accompanist will be available as needed. A list of titles and other ordering information will be compiled as a resource for all.  Guests may also bring an anthem, and people may attend even if they choose not to bring an anthem. Reaching out and inviting a guest is an important focus of this event.  At first thought, it is easy to think you don’t know anyone who would be interested and you might decide to come alone.  But don’t dismiss the idea of inviting a guest. Examples of people who might be interested include:

  • – Church/synagogue musicians in our towns who do not belong to the Guild
  • –  School music teachers who also serve a church or synagogue
  • –  Musicians who are primarily choral directors and may not know that our mission includes    the choral arts
  • – Choir members who also are interested in and supportive of the organ
  • –  Organ, piano, and voice students
  • –  Musicians new to the organ who think the Guild is only for degreed professionals!
  • Take a chance and invite someone to join you. If the first person you ask is unavailable, ask one or two others. Prepare to be surprised at how receptive and appreciative people can be to receive a personal invitation!
Suggested RSVP information: In order to facilitate planning, it would be helpful to get a head count for lunch and a partial list of anthems by Monday, September 16th.  Email Kari Magg at with name/number of attendees and if possible, anthem title, composer, voicing, publisher and pub- lisher’s item number.  Late RSVPs will still be helpful, and walk-ins are also welcome.